Your impact by numbers

In 2019-20 you and thousands of like-minded donors helped make this possible. We couldn’t support as many people as we do without your most generous support. So many people have been helped in so many ways.

hours of occupational therapy provided

clients accessed library services

inquiries to our Access Technology help line

hours of access technology service provided

raised at the 2019 Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight to support 1,961 children

participated in 80,963 hours of recreation support services

Vision Australia clients (including retail, library)

print pages converted into accessible formats

volunteered by 2,341 active volunteers

spectacles delivered to 37,479 clients

Building a positive impact together!

Every dollar that is donated through GO:AL helps achieve a positive impact for people living with blindness and low vision to live their lives with the independence they seek. That in turn promotes real social inclusion.

Have a look at some of the ways your generosity changes people’s lives…

  • Emotional support and groups for social inclusion
  • Occupational therapists for independence
  • Mobility specialists to stay safe and get around
  • Orthoptists to assess functional vision and make recommendations
  • Education and employment support to achieve aspirations
  • Aids and equipment from our shop to improve daily living
  • Technology and training to stay connected
  • Early intervention, children’s and adolescents’ specialised services
  • Seeing Eye Dogs for independence
  • Audio books and library for leisure and learning
  • Helpful information and advice for clients and families
  • My Aged Care and NDIS experts to maximise funding