Donating annual leave means donating a specific amount of your annual leave salary to Vision Australia instead of taking that time off work. The funds that you would normally receive when taking the hours/days off, are gifted to Vision Australia.

Most awards and registered agreements allow annual leave to be donated (or “cashed out”), however do check your individual award or registered agreement. If your position is award and agreement-free you may donate your annual leave at any time with your employers consent.

In all cases when donating is allowed, the following applies:

  • you must retain at least 4 weeks annual leave (after the donation)
  • the donation of annual leave must be the same as what you would have been paid if you took the leave
  • an employer can’t force or pressure you to donate annual leave
  • you must have a written agreement with your employer to record the donation

An award or registered agreement may also limit the amount of annual leave you can donate or the timeframe in which it can be donated. If the award states that you can donate annual leave, you must make a record about the agreement to donate annual leave with your employer on each occasion.

The employee/employer agreement must:

  • be signed by both the employee and the employer
  • state the amount of leave being donated (in hours or days)
  • state the amount that will be paid for the donation (in AUD)
  • state the date this will be donated
  • be signed by a parent or guardian if the employee is under 18 years of age

Employers must keep a copy of this signed agreement. A GO:AL ‘Employee Agreement’ template is available and can be used as a record for each donation.

More information on cashing out leave, can be found at Fair Work.